This megalithic grave, set in an area between the Ogliastra and the Barbagia di Belvì regions is not in its original site: it was taken apart and reassembled close to its original location as it stood in the path of the new Nuoro-Lanusei highway. The burial chamber is made of granite blocks of various sizes. The rear end is closed off by a single stone slab. The frontal exedra consists of a stepped wall. The half circle is lined by a stone bench, only parts of which are still extant, consisting of small granite blocks.

From Tortolì head to Villagrande Strisaili taking first SS 198, then SP 27 till you reach the village centre. Leave the village in the direction of Nuoro and, once on SS 389, linking Nuoro to Lanusei, you will reach the monument in the stretch of road between Piraonni and Villagrande Strisaili, in the Genna Troculu locality.

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