In the village, close to the Church of Santa Maria di Navarra, stretches an urban park consisting of relics of Mediterranean forest, including thick wild olive trees classified as natural monuments. The tallest of these trees, rising to about 10 m and with a trunk circumference of 8 m, is over 1,000 years old. Other majestic plants include an 11 m Carob tree and a Mediterranean hackberry standing 16 m tall, with a trunk girth of almost 3.5 m. The small church standing next to the park is also worth a visit. Legend has it that it was built in the Middle Ages, by order of the daughter of a King of Navarra, to express her gratitude at having escaped a shipwreck. Near the wild olive trees there is an interesting archaeological attraction: a large boulder with a row of cup and ring marks on one side.

From Cagliari drive along SS 125. near Lotzorai turn right and enter Santa Maria Navarrese. If you come from Sassari, drive along SS 131: near Abbasanta take road 389, then, as you approach Villanova Strisaili, turn right onto 198 and, near Tortolì, turn left onto SS 125. Near Lotzorai turn right and enter Santa Maria Navarrese.

Thanks to its urban location, the park benefits from the village services and amenities.