It shares the production of asphodel, cane and willow baskets with another little village, Flussio, to which it is joined without any interruption by State road 292 that crosses the Planargia region. Tinnura is a little village of just 250 inhabitants, among the smallest on the Island. It is located nine kilometres from Bosa and 55 from the provincial capital, Oristano, on a basalt plateau and it looks out onto the fertile valley of Modolo. Breeding and agriculture are the main activities here: olive groves, fruit orchards are cultivated here, as well as vineyards from which excellent wines are produced, particularly Malvasia.

The little village is an 'open-air' museum of modern art: in the evocative streets and paved squares, you can admire monuments and statues of Sardinian artists (among which Simplicio Derosas and Pinuccio Sciola) and colourful murals painted on the façades of the houses, depicting moments of rural and village life.