The archaeological site stands on Monte Senes, in the Baronia district. The natural spring was protected by a monumental basalt facade, part of which is still extant. Part of the granite block boundary wall can still be seen. The wall rests on natural granite outcrops. Along one of the banks of the Remulis stream, traces of two monumental structures have been found, consisting of irregular rows of rough-hewn stone blocks.

From SS 131 at the level of Nuoro heading to Siniscola-Olbia, continue to the crossroads with SP 25 in the direction of Loculi and Irgoli. Head for Capo Comino, along SS 129. As you leave the village, turn left at the sign for the archaeological site of Janna 'e Pruna. Drive along the road for about 12 km, heading to Monte Senes. When you reach the archaeological site, take the footpath to the holy spring.

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