A panoramic road from the historical centre of the town of Orroli, that then looks out over it and leads to two ‘memory trails’, will take you back in time to the archaeological and botanical park known as su Motti. The trail that goes off to the left is an easy walk leading to the area of the stone domus de Janas chamber (homes of fairies) while the one leading to the right will take you to the Taccu Idda high plain to gaze out over breathtaking views. The woods are comprised of centuries-old oak trees and thick Mediterranean brush graced with the distinct fragrance of mastic and rockroses. Traces of man’s settlement here date to the Neolithic Era (3800 BCE) and it is dotted with massive basaltic boulders spewed out by nearby monte Pitziogu, a volcano that last erupted during the Quaternary Era.