The name itself evokes fresh water and lush greenery. Su Golognone, in the foothills of Mount Uddè, in the territory of Oliena, only 15 km away, is the most important Sardinian spring and a natural monument since 1998, as well as the main source for the vast Karst system of Supramonte. Over the millennia the water has carved out meandering underground channels before reappearing above ground as a small lake, set between the high walls of Dolomitic rock. The tones vary from emerald green to turquoise and intense blue, according to the reflection of the sun.

You can listen to the ceaseless crashing of the impressive quantity of pure mineral water - an average of 500 litres per second - gushing out of a constantly full crack in the rock. The clear, deep water is an irresistible challenge for underwater cavers, who arrive here from all over the world: in 2010, Alberto Cavedon explored up to 135 metres of it.