The Nurra is a ‘mine’ of heritage from the past, with a concentration of dozens of archaeological sites spread over a few square kilometres. One of the most fascinating is located just outside the town of Porto Torres and is partially hidden, maybe to continue to protect the secrets it has been keeping for thousands of years. It is the necropolis of su Crucifissu Mannu, a complex of domus de Janas dug out of a bank of limestone rock. 22 tombs have been found so far. Their construction began in the Late Neolithic period (3200-2800 BC) and were used continuously until the Early Bronze Age, around the 16th century BC.

The hypogea are all multi-cellular, meaning that they are composed of several rooms, which can be accessed via a vertical well or descending dromos (corridor) entrance. The structure is typical of the domus found in the Sassari area, with an anteroom, a cell and rooms that open up in the walls of the main cell.