To the south east, the Beach of Santa Maria overlooks the island with the same name, in the commune of La Maddalena. Santa Maria is one of the islands that make up the Archipelago of La Maddalena, located on the Gallura coast. The Island of Santa Maria has a coastal perimeter of around 10 km. It is situated to the east of Razzoli and north east of Budelli. It is the flattest of all the islands on the Archipelago, covered with a particularly luxuriant vegetation. Its coast is extremely rugged, lapped by a sea studded with several smaller islands. Santa Maria is characteristic because it is the only one of the minor islands of the Archipelago to be inhabited, concentrated on the line of coast in the Santa Maria Bay and the one facing La Maddalena. Furthermore, its very name recalls a church dedicated to the Virgin, annexed to a destroyed monastery and mentioned in a Medieval document, of which a few traces can probably still be seen incorporated into a private house. The beach of Santa Maria stretches out in the large gulf where the boats from Palau arrive. It is an extended spit of fine light-coloured sand, which is about 200 metres long and one of the longest in the whole Archipelago. The splendid bay is framed by pink rocks with verdant vegetation, where a number of little houses have been built. Its strong point is the sea: a stretch with a thousand shades of blue, with a sea bottom that gradually increases its depth from the shore to far out to sea, forming a natural swimming pool of great beauty. Right behind the bay, lies an expanse of water known as the Palude, a little lake of brackish water with coots, wild ducks, moorhens, oystercatchers, ducks and stilt plovers.