It owes its name to the composition of its sand, formed by brilliant white grains of granite quartz, pebbles smoothed by the sea, that really do look like white grains of rice: a peculiarity that has made it one of the most famous beaches of southern Sardinia, even if the number of quartz pebbles is slowly dwindling. Riso beach is one of the pearls of the marine area of ​​Capo Carbonara, a natural curve set between the large sandy beach of Campulongu and the modern tourist port of Villasimius, reachable from Viale degli Olenadri. The bright white grains give the stretch of coast an immaculate appearance, enveloped by the embrace of the surrounding green hills. The 'grains of rice' sink into the crystalline sea, with a shallow and sandy bottom, with water in shades of emerald green and blue. Here and there rocks emerge from the water, creating the feel of a lunar landscape, especially as the sun goes down