The granite massif of the Sette Fratelli (seven brothers) rises in south-eastern Sardinia, separating the lower Flumendosa valley and the Sarrabus from the Campidano of Cagliari. As its name indicates it consists of seven granite peaks split by deep gorges. "Septem Fratres" was also the ancient name of the Djebel Mousse mountain in North Africa. Actually, the massif has more than seven peaks: some are without a name, others include Punta Su Baccu Malu, Casteddu de Su Dinai, Punta Sa Ceraxa and Perd'a Asub'e Pari (Cima Garibaldi). Their height ranges between the 791 m asl of Perd'a Asub'e Pari and the 1016 m of Punta Sa Ceraxa, which to the north joins up with the peaks of Casteddu de Su Dinau, at 915 m, and Baccu Malu, at 1015 m. This mountain complex is traversed by several water courses: to the east and north run torrents which debouch into the wetlands of Colostrai, to the west the streams join up with the rio Maidopis, while the southern slopes host rio Sa Ceraxa, which ends at Geremeas. The massif is in the heart of the public forest of the same name, a pristine environment of lush Mediterranean maquis and woodland, home to a rich wildlife. Amidst cork trees, holm oak, downy oaks, heather, juniper, myrtle and strawberry trees, it is at times possible to spy the majestic Sardinian deer.

The base of the peaks can be reached along a path marked by white diamonds with a red stripe, which is part of the Sardinian itinerary of "Sentiero Italia". The entrance is from SS 135, which leads to the Forest Rangers centre.

The path starting from the Forest station heads for the peaks starting from the ruins of Cunventu, winding through the peaks and then descending at the Grotta Fra' Conti cave, at 850 m asl. Horse trekking excursions are organized by the Le Ginestre Stables at San Gregorio. These excursions are mainly to the valley of the River Maidopis, known as "Sa pasillara di Maidopis". Perd'a Asub 'e Pari, also known as Punta Garibaldi, is frequented by climbers. The area is criss-crossed by numerous tracks and paths suitable for off-road vehicles or trekking, offering itineraries with various degrees of difficulty.

For information, contact the Forest Agency's main office in Viale Nerollo 68, 09100 Cagliari. Phone +39 070 27991.

At Burcei visitors will find a series of bars and eateries. at Cagliari and Muravera there are restaurants, hotels and campsites. Cooperativa Monte Sette Fratelli c/o Uffici Castiadas Centrale, Cagliari, phone +39 070 9947200