The archaeological site, which includes a nuraghe, a village and two domus de janas (rock-cut chamber tombs), enjoys a strategic position perched on a granite spur around which winds the Tèscere river. The nuraghe, with a complex ground plan, consists of granite blocks. A distinctive feature are the natural cavities embedded within the man-made walls. The two domus are carved out of two boulders. The first, with just one chamber, is accessed from an entrance above ground level topped by a carved stone overhang. The second, also single-chamber, has been damaged by the collapse of the rock at its entrance.

From Tortolì take SS 198 heading to Lanusei. after about 5 km, before reaching the Baunuxi roadmaster's building, turn left onto a road signalled by a tourist sign. This will take you to the site.

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