One of the last examples of neoclassical architecture on the Island, consecrated in the first half of the 20th century, stands at the top of a monumental flight of steps, and includes sacred items, such as a spectacular altarpiece. La parish church of Orani, dedicated to Saint Andrew the Apostle, has the appearance of a Palladian-style temple. The building has a troubled history: designed to replace the ancient church dedicated to the same saint - now reduced to ruins, except for the bell tower which is still in good condition -, its construction site started up just 60 years after the abandonment of the previous parish church and, because of a dispute with the builders, it was completed many decades later, in 1930.

After going up the flight of steps, you can admire the gabled tetrastyle pronaos, supported by columns of the Tuscan order, before the façade. Inside, you will see a large, bright construction, with a Greek cross layout, in which, where the arms converge, and there is a semi-spherical dome with a lantern. There are pilasters and Ionic half-columns. Your attention will then be captured by the altarpiece, created by Orani-born artist Mario Delitala: the work depicts the Glory of Saint Andrew, surrounded by a triumph of angels. You will then see a 17th-century pulpit in inlaid marble, which came from the ancient parish church, a wooden pulpit originally located in the nearby Church of the Rosario and a retable dating back to the 16th century.