Initially, there were a few houses, used as a ‘base’ by shepherds during transhumance, located around a small church dedicated to St. Catherine. From the middle of the 20th century, progressive growth in construction turned the little village by the sea, a district of Cuglieri, into today’s renowned seaside resort. Santa Caterina di Pittinuri is located on spectacular cliffs, surrounded by the green elevations of Montiferru, with the sixteenth-century tower of Pittinuri overlooking it, which gave it its name and stands on the promontory to the north of the village. As well as the village, an inlet of limestone rocks contains and shelters a beach of golden, reddish and black pebbles. The sea is clear and shallow, making it suitable for children, while on days when the northwesterly wind is blowing, the cove is a paradise for wind and kite surfers. The view a little further north, at su Riu ‘e sa Ide, is decidedly wilder, where strips of limestone rock gently slope towards the emerald green sea.