It is ‘the village of artists’ and also of the street market, the stazzi (rural dwellings), Bohemian spirit and iconic scenes from a James Bond film. San Pantaleo small but full of ideas, is located in a granite landscape in the territory of Olbia and has been inspiring works of art and creations within the international artistic circuits for decades. The village stands on the granite massif of Cugnana, surrounded by nature that has maintained its wild appearance despite the glamour of the nearby Costa Smeralda, still shining since the 1960s. The enchantment of the renowned emerald coast is part of the panorama that you can admire around it, together with the pink hues of the granite, even more captivating at sunset. The village itself offers spectacular views: it emerged at the end of the 19th century around a small church dedicated to Saint Pantaleo, rural at that time, and has witnessed an increase in its houses, over time and on a regular basis, built according to the typical model of the Gallura stazzo.