The temple is situated in the 'Funtana 'e Binu' locality, in an elevated position, not far from the Upper Flumendosa lake, on the border between Ogliastra and Barbagia. This complex includes the temple, a village and four giants' tombs. The temple, built in squared granite blocks, is a rare example of nuraghic structure. On its floor is a ritual hearth made of small blocks of limestone covered with a layer of clay. above were other blocks of limestone, linked by lead clamps and, on the external side, with engraved decorations depicting a quadrilobate nuraghe. Inside the temple numerous votive bronzes were found, together with daily-use tools.

From Tortolì drive in the direction of Villagrande Strisaili firstly taking SS 198 and then SP 27 to the centre of the town. Drive out in the direction of Nuoro and on SS 389 which links the capital of the Barbagia region to Lanusei, after about 5 km you will hit on your right a dirt road. Turn on to it and drive for about 150 m until you reach the archaeological area.

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