In the territory of Santa Teresa Gallura, four kilometres from the residential area, along the isthmus that joins the peninsula-promontory of Capo Testa to the mainland, there are two beautiful beaches: to the west there is Rena di Ponente (or La Taltana) and, to the east there is Rena di Levante. Their position makes it possible to enjoy the calm sea, choosing one or the other, based on the direction of the wind. Striking granite cliffs that the wind and sea have modelled into strange and original shapes, making the scenario even more captivating,are coloured by the green Mediterranean vegetation. The purity of this stretch of sea is amazing, earning it the Blue Flag award, and it is particularly suitable for children, for relaxing walks in the water and interesting diving.

The beach of Rena di Ponente has soft white sand and is washed by the colours of the sea, ranging from turquoise to blue and emerald green. Rena di Levante has a low cliff that slopes down to the beautiful Capicciolu(or beach of Zia Colomba), with its golden sand and transparent, shallow waters. This was the site of the Roman colony of Tibula and traces of its roads are still visible. It was the point of departure for ships laden with granite, used to adorn the palaces in Rome. Close to the Reno di Ponente beach, you will see granite rocks that the wind and water have modelled into cylinder shapes that resemble Roman columns.

On the western side of the cape, there is another symbol of the Santa Teresa coast: Cala Grande-Valle della Luna: impressive granite rocks, shaped over thousands of years by the force of the weather, take on an unusual shade of white when lit up by the moonlight. Here, you will find secluded little coves with crystal clear waters. Before reaching the peninsula, leaving the residential area of Santa Teresa, the little rocky coves of Santa Reparata are also worth visiting. Not far from the historical centre of this Gallura locality, you can enjoy the dazzling colours of Rena Bianca, a city beach of immense beauty, watched over from above by theSpanish tower of Longosardo. To the east of the village there are numerous other gems to be seen: Cala Sanbuco, La Marmorata and, in moving towards Palau, Valle dell'Erica, Porto Liscia-Sciumara and Conca Verde.