This is the penultimate bulwark of Sardinia on the border with Corsica - further north is only the "twin" island of Santa Maria. The high cliffs of Razzoli dominate from the north the park of the Maddalena archipelago, of which it is the fifth largest island with an area of ​​one and a half square kilometres and a coastline of over twelve kilometres. The larger islands are La Maddalena, from which you will leave to go to Razzoli and the other islands, Caprera, Garibaldi’s "garden", connected to its "older sister" by the Moneta Pass, Spargi and Santo Stefano. Razzoli is the largest of the northern "trio", also composed of Budelli - with its legendary pink beach (Spiaggia Rosa) - and Santa Maria, a few meters away and connected by the Asinelli Pass.