Made up of stunning cliffs dropping sheer into the sea, Punta delle Oche is situated in the north of the island of San Pietro, in the territory of Carloforte.
It offers enchanting views of rugged cliffs and islets, with inlets and sea caves.

The sea cave delle Oche, the largest on the island, is a majestic arch opening in a tall cliff of trachyte rock dropping sheer into the sea.
The cave can be reached only from the sea and can be entered with small boats.
Excavated in the dark trachyte stone by the patient action of the waves, it offers an enchanting show of light and colours created by the sun rays glittering on the water and bouncing off the rock.

This is a divers' and snorkelers' paradise . with its varied, colourful seabed, home to beautiful fan worms, small gilthead sea bream, black sea bream and white sea bream.

Though the cave of Punta delle Oche can only be accessed from the sea, its cliffs can easily be reached by land: exit the small town of Carloforte driving along Salita Rombi. Take the first turn to the left, then the next turn to the right and proceed straight on to Punta delle Oche.