This is one of the large beaches that make up the splendid Costa Rei coastline, defined by the prestigious Lonely Planet guide as one of the top ten beaches in the world. You can reach Piscina Rei, in the territory of Muravera, from one of several access points, along a coastline bordered by junipers, Mediterranean bushes and bright white sea daffodils. The brightness and softness of the sand, the crystal clear, shallow water, together with a few smooth rocks make you feel like you are bathing in a natural swimming pool.

This is the ideal beach for families with children, the middle aged or elderly looking for relaxation, couples and singles, and is popular with underwater fishing, diving and snorkelling enthusiasts. Bars and beach equipment rental points are available. The nearby tourist town of Costa Rei offers every service and convenience.

Piscina Rei is part of the coast to the south of Muravera that extends for dozens of kilometres. From the beach of San Giovanni with its quartz sand to Torre Salinas and Colostrai, an oasis with dunes covered in sea daffodils, to Feraxi with over two kilometres of fine bronze-coloured sand. Then come the more protected coves of Portu de s’Illixi, CalasaFigu and the Baia delle Anfore (named for the Roman shipwreck), before the granite rock of Capo Ferrato with its lighthouse, and Monti Ferru, a suggestive panoramic viewpoint that can be reached on foot or by mountain bike. The 'pure white' beach of Iba de ziuFranciscu leads to Costa Rei, the longest low and sandy stretch of coastline along the eastern coast: nearly eight kilometres that stretch as far as the Scoglio di Peppino and another two in the territory of Castiadas.

Not just beaches: in the surroundings, don't miss the flamingos in the Muraveralagunas and archaeological sites: in Piscina Rei, you'll find the Cuili Piras megalithic complex, near the Nuraghe Scalas standing stones, arranged in lines according to the stars and the heavens, and the Punic Fortezza di Baccu in the overlooking locality of Nai.