This archaeological site, which includes the nuraghic fortress and its surrounding village, is set on a small hill of limestone rock, just outside Isili, in the Sarcidano region.
This nuraghe is deemed one of the finest feats of engineering of the nuraghic civilisation. It has a central keep partially enclosed by a set of curtain walls with three towers. It was surrounded by an outer circle of walls. The central keep, constructed in blocks of white limestone is about 12.7 m high and is built on two levels. The interior chamber with its 11.8 m is the highest in Sardinia, and has a corbelled (tholos) roof. The keep, dating from the 15th . 14th centuries BC, was built before the three-tower curtain wall, which dates from the 13th . 12th centuries BC.
All round the nuraghe, both inside and outside the outer walls . which are some 30 m long . stretched a hut village.

From Cagliari take SS 131 in the direction of Sassari. Once past Monastir, leave SS 131 and take SS 128, in the direction Senorbì-Mandas. At Senorbì follow the signs for Suelli, Mandas and Isili. The nuraghe can be found right after the level crossing, in the Is Paras locality, along SS 128 which runs from Isili to Nurallao.

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