Sitting at an elevation of over 300 metres, it is immersed in a landscape where hills and green valleys alternate with white rocky cliffs. Ossi is a town of almost six thousand inhabitants in Coros, the north-west section of Logudoro, not far from Sassari. It has maintained its original Logudorese Sardinian language and ancient traditions intact through time. Many legends exist about its birth: in early Medieval period, it was a village of houses arranged around a Romanesque church. After the Malaspina family, and the Giudicati of Torres and Arborea, the town passed into the hands of the Crown of Aragon. Although its feudal masters alternated over the centuries, daily life in the village, which was dictated by work in the fields, changed little. Today the fields of this fertile territory washed by Riu Badde, Riu Pizzinnu and cool springs are mostly occupied by olive groves and vineyards.