When you reach the summit of the ridge on which it stands, at the end of a trek through secular trees, you will feel like you are both embracing and dominating the surrounding area, a breath-taking view from the Gennargentu massif to the Sette Fratelli park. The Adoni nuraghe is a monumental protohistoric complex built on an isolated and steep limestone bastion about five kilometres from Villanova Tulo, an ancient and small village of the Sarcidano area, lying on San Sebastiano hill and flanked by the River Flumendosa. It is a splendid example of a multi-layered site, dating back to between the late and recent Bronze Age (1350-1150 BC), that was never completely abandoned: the position of control over the territory meant that the area was frequented until the Middle Ages. To reach the nuraghe, you can walk an easy path of about five kilometres through an evocative landscape on the border between Barbagia di Seulo and Tacchi d'Ogliastra. The last 'slog' uphill is well worth the effort.