This archaeological site is situated on Cuccuru Nolza, the highest point of the schist plateau of Su Pranu, and offers a panoramic view of the Barbagia di Belvì, in the heart of Sardinia. It extends for about 2.5 hectares and includes the Nolza nuraghe, consisting of a central tower surrounded by a massive wall enclosure with four towers, around which lays a stone hut village.
The fortress was constructed in two separate phases, using different materials: the keep, two of the four perimeter towers and part of the curtain walls were constructed in rough-hewn schist blocks, whereas the other two towers and the rest of the curtain walls were constructed in blocks of porphyry.
Especially interesting is one of the perimeter towers . instead of the usual corbelled roof it has a balcony with traces of a hearth made of trachyte stone.

From SS 131 at the turnoff for Uras-Laconi, make for Ales, take SS 442 passing through Morgongiori, Ales, Escovedu and Senis. On towards Nureci, without going through the village, as far as Laconi. Leave this small town in a northerly direction and take SS 128 which will take you directly to Meana Sardo. Before reaching the village, after about 1 km take a left turn onto a pitted asphalt road. on for a further 4 km, then turn left onto a dirt road, another left turn at the first turnoff and right at the next two ones, for a total of some 3 km. The road passes by the nuraghe, which stands about 100 m to the left.

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