Surrounded by hills and valleys, where the Temo river flows, these were carved out by the Neolithic populations in two limestone outcrops. The nine domus de Janas of the necropolis of Puttu Codinu represent - along with the Appiu nuraghe settlement - the most famous archaeological site in Villanova Monteleone, located five kilometres from the village, along the state highway number 292 that leads to Monteleone Rocca Doria, in the Alghero hinterland. The name of these 'houses of the dead', named after the fairies (janas) but in reality the collective tombs of a village that must have been nearby, means 'well of rock' and dates back to 3500 BC (final Neolithic period) at the end of the 3rd millennium BC (Eneolithic) and were frequented, as is confirmed by the artefacts found here, until 1800-1600 BC (Early Bronze Age).