The museum stands among the hills and basalt plateaux of Collinas and Lunamatrona, in the Marmilla district, in the locality that takes its name of 'Sa Corona Arrubia' from the reddish tinge of the lichens covering the rocks.

The Museum is the project of a group of municipalities, starting from four, now 20, which joined forces in a Consortium to coordinate their tourist and cultural heritage promotion efforts.

The museum's permanent exhibition has several sections, covering the vegetation, wildlife, geology and history of the area. Fascinating dioramas make the museum experience highly engaging, offering 3D views of the local environments, including woodland, the 'giaras' or tablelands, and the marks of human presence. These faithful reproductions help visitors appreciate the ecosystems and encourage them to participate in the museum's educational activities.

The botanic section, the collection of wood species, the fungi collection and the herbarium are designed so as to stimulate the curiosity and active involvement of adults and children alike. Another section of the museum is devoted to the traditional toys or 'giocos antigos'. A collection of about 200 hand-made traditional toys from Sardinia, accompanied by an educational area where activity leaders describe the toys in the context of past life, role and values and hold toy-making workshops.

A visit to the museum helps gain better understanding of ecosystems, both from the exhibits and from the outdoor educational routes in the surrounding geological-botanic park, which has a wide range of Mediterranean plant species from which the scents and essences shown in the workshops are extracted.

A ride on the chairlift offers a beautiful view of the landscape and leads to the megalithic monument Park on the Siddi tableland.

Address: loc. Sa Corona Arrúbia - sp Lunamatrona-Collinas Phone +39 070 9341009 - 070 939387 Managing Agency: Consorzio Turistico Sa Corona Arrúbia