The museum is in Castelsardo, housed in a fascinating 12th-century military fortress, built by the Doria family as a strategic bulwark within the defence system erected by Genoa on the island.

The museum focuses on craft products made from plant fibres from the whole Mediterranean area, and is a veritable documentation centre.

It consists of nine rooms, on two floors. On the lower floor are the rooms devoted to the various craft techniques, whereas the upper floor houses the rooms devoted to types of use.

The museum mainly exhibits wonderful examples of the famous basketry of Castelsardo, such as corbule, sieve baskets and sifting baskets. There is also a wide range of woven items made from plant fibres from other areas in Sardinia, for use as household containers, for storing crops, or in connection with animal husbandry, fishery, and trade, or for magic-religious uses, including some particularly interesting objects and furnishings.

A visit to the museum is also a chance to explore the medieval fortress, in particular its restored Medieval guard walkway, which linked the castle to the ancient convent of San Martino, and the drawbridge of the restored Manganella Bastions.

The museum is one of a kind, on account of the sheer number of its exhibits, its fascinating setting in the fortress and the splendid views to be enjoyed from its ramparts.

The centrepiece of the collection is 'su fassoi', a boat made entirely by weaving together wetland reeds with rush and reed pegs, once used by the fishermen on the Cabras and Santa Giusta lagoons.

Address: via Marconi, 07031 Castelsardo, Phone: +39 079 471380 Managing Agency: Municipality of Castelsardo