The Museum is housed in the Piarist Monastery, whose fine architecture was recently restored. It focuses on copper and textile craft traditions, which in Isili are representative of Sardinian tradition, but are also distinctive for their local variations.

The museum has two sections: the first charts the traditional craft of coppersmiths and the itinerant sale of copper objects, the second displays the art of weaving and the production of tapestries joining tradition with innovation. The copper section has a detailed reconstruction of the coppersmith's workshop, complete with all the original tools, including the cart of the itinerant vendor, loaded with both newly made goods and with old copper items that were collected to reuse the copper through melting. The themes explored include copper-working, mineralogy, metallurgy and the use of copper objects in the home and by the shepherds, as well as the coppersmiths' jargon and the itinerant sellers' tradition.

The weaving art section has 30 tapestries, hand made on horizontal looms, made of wool and with copper decorations, of outstanding artistic value. They are accompanied by project drawings and panels describing the whole technical and artistic process, starting from wool production to herb dyes, to the use of copper threads to achieve original colour effects.

A video shows all the stages in the copper and fabric production process. The exhibition is enriched by ambient music that enhances appreciation of the artistic designs and of the scientific aspects: evocative sounds, real life sounds, local idioms and melodies accompany visitors on a journey back in time.

The museum in Isili is the only Copper Art Museum in Sardinia. It shows how the coppersmith produced objects at once functional and beautiful, such as the pots, which were an important sign of the bride's status. The guided tour includes visits to the coppersmiths' workshops and to the weaver's workshops, with demonstrations of craft techniques.

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