The museum is in Bosa housed in a 19th century mansion on the Corso Vittorio Emanuele, in the 'Sa Piatta' quarter.

The 3-floor building is the result of the joining of several houses and, with its frescoed ceilings and period furnishings, is a fine example of a bourgeois house in the historic centre of Bosa. The museum has three sections: one is devoted to temporary exhibitions on the traditional life and folk culture of Bosa. Another is on the 'noble floor' and consists of an 19th-century upper-class home, fully preserved as it was in the old times. The heart of the museum is the permanent exhibition of Melkiorre Melis' artwork. It provides a broad overview of the work of the most prominent and eclectic painter from Bosa, which includes, besides paintings, other miscellaneous artwork of different kinds. The collection is quite varied, as the artist also dabbled in the creation of furniture, objects and ceramics, and includes works from his African period. His experience as Director of the Native Art and Craft School in Tripoli, Libya, inspired him to adopt primitivist elements in his works, as he saw affinities between them and Sardinian folk art.

The guided tours offer an in-depth view of the historic and artistic resources present in the territory of Bosa and, most importantly, opens a window onto Melis' vast and diverse art production, which, by its sheer variety of modes of expression, sets him apart from his fellow Sardinian artists of the time.

Address: corso Vittorio Emanuele 59, 08013 Bosa. Phone: +39 0785 377043 Managing Agency: Municipality of Bosa Manager: Società La città del sole - Servizi per il turismo culturale, di Crisponi Stefania &amp. C. snc, via Gramsci sn, Bosa Opening times: 10.00-13.00 and 16.00-18.00 (winter, other opening times by booking only). closed Mondays (open by booking only) Tickets: &euro. 4.50 (full price), &euro. 3.00 (reduced price), &euro. 2.00 (groups), &euro. 1.50 (schools). the ticket includes the visit to the Atza Picture Gallery