Its water-rich territory extends in the valley of the Cixerri River and is irrigated by the river’s many tributaries which are in turn fed by the springs of the nearby Mount Domosnovas. Musei is a town of over 1500 inhabitants easily reached from SS130, which links Iglesias and Cagliari. The origins of its curious name are shrouded in mystery. Listed as Musej in Pisan income records (1323) and as Musey in the Codex Diplomaticus Sardiniae (a few years later). Later, from the Medieval period up to the 17th century, it was called Villa di Prato. During this period, it first belonged to the Giudicato of Calari and then to the Pisan Della Gherardesca family. The family were once the masters of the Acquafredda Castle, which stands in Siliqua, in the centre of the valley. With the arrival of the Jesuits, the name changed once more.