The monte Linas massif provides for endless exploration of ever-changing natural environments: high peaks, deep gorges, woods, Mediterranean brush, streams and waterfalls. One of these, the Muru Mannu cascade in the Gonnosfanadiga area, is surrounded by imposing walls of granite, and you will be amazed at its final vertiginous drop of over 70 metres. Together with the river that feeds it, it owes its name to the rocky crest from which it flows. Near the end of its course – which begins at about 1000 metres – the river encounters a sudden drop in height, first with a few small jumps, and then the final magnificent leap that makes Muru Mannu the tallest waterfall in all of Sardinia. At the bottom, the water plunges into a small lake surrounded by oak and holly trees, and then heads into the valley with a series of smaller falls before it merges with the Linas river to create the larger Cannisoni river.