Low dunes of fine and clear sand, bathed by the clear sea and the light blue reflections, surmounted by a 17th century tower and surrounded by a pool inhabited by pink flamingos. The beach of Monte Cogoni embellishes the coast of Chia, one of the most beautiful and famous tourist resorts of the island, in the territory of Domus de Maria. It is the natural continuation of sa Colonia, from which it leads on without interruption, except during the intense rainy season, when a stream divides them. The inlet is closed to the east by a promontory topped by Chia tower, reached along an uphill road. At the base of the cliff you will see the ruins of the ancient Phoenician-Punic (and later Roman) city of Bithia (8th century BC). After the rocks you will arrive at the coast of su Portu and from here to the small island of Cardolinu, attached to the mainland by an isthmus. On the opposite promontory, which protects the two beaches to the south-west, another dirt path will lead you to the small and spectacular Cala del Morto.