Nestled between the beautiful Cala di Monte Turno to the north and Cala Sinzias to the south, it has featured in prestigious magazines as being one of the most beautiful sections of the Mediterranean. The San Pietro marina is a broad and very extensive beach that contributes to the spectacular coastline of Castiadas, a jewel and tourist resort in Sarrabus, to the south-east of the island. The expanse of more than three kilometres of fine, golden sand borders a clear sea with iridescent shades ranging from emerald green to turquoise. Close to the shore, the seabed is sandy, immediately becoming rather deep. Being wider, it is perfect for snorkelling and spectacular scuba diving in search of groupers or colonies of soft corals thanks to the diving centres in the area. Much of the coastline is unencumbered, with some spaces being occupied by resorts and restaurants. You can rent beach umbrellas and bathing equipment and avail of all the services at your disposal. Behind is a lush naturalistic oasis of Mediterranean scrub. On the promontory that borders the beach stands the Nuraghe Gibe Truttiri.

Sea and tropical beaches, natural oases and quality food products. These are the characteristics of Castiadas, a municipality that occupies a vast and rich territory, inhabited since the pre-Nuragic period and frequented until Roman times, today consisting of villages. Its fertile fields produce wonderful vegetables and citrus fruits, whilst its 13 kilometres of coast represent one of the most beautiful stretches of Sardinia, a succession of white sand and dazzling colours. To the south of San Pietro is Cala Sinzias, its natural continuation, being a kilometre of soft, white sand with a clear seabed and azure waters. It is backdropped by thick vegetation of lentisk, pine and eucalyptus trees. Further south, on the border with the marine area of Capo Carbonara-Villasimius, you will find an absolutely precious jewel, being Cala Pira, a stretch of paradise consisting of 400 metres of soft dunes surrounded by granite and perfumed by centuries-old junipers and Mediterranean scrub. Beyond the promontory north of San Pietro, lies the beautiful cove of Monte Turno, chosen in 2018 by the experts of the holiday web portal of Skyscanner as Italy’s beach of the year. Beyond this begins the stretch of Costa Rei, extending around two kilometres and belonging to the territory of Castiadas, from the inlet of Sant’Elmo to the intimate cove of Cannisoni, from the long beach of Santa Giusta, framed by smooth cliffs, up to the beautiful ‘Scoglio di Peppino’, bordering Muravera. Backdropping the coast is the mountainous profile of the Oasi dei Sette Fratelli, a natural park ideal for taking relaxing walks, dotted with archaeological sites.