Two kilometres of fine, light sand mixed with shells and gravel. La Marina di Orosei, which you can comfortably reach from the town, has transparent waters whose hues of blue change constantly as the sun reflects on the bottom, which deepens suddenly. Often hit by the wind, this is the perfect destination for surfers.

The beach boasts all amenities and services: it is accessible to disabled people, visitors can rent beach equipment and paddleboats, there is plenty of parking space available (for campers as well), hotels, bars and restaurants. Behind the marina, the abundant vegetation, typical of the Mediterranean scrub, frames the pond and the mouth of the Cedrino river. Much loved by underwater fishermen and scuba divers: about two miles from the beach lies one of the island’s most fascinating and best preserved wrecks, the KT, a German landing craft about 70 metres long that sunk in 1943 after being hit by the English submarine patrolling the gulf at the time.

The Orosei coast offers many other pearls: the small bay of sas Linnas Siccas, within the splendid Cala Liberotto; Cala Ginepro, with fine white sand mixed with smooth pebbles that massage your feet as you walk along the shoreline of an azure and turquoise sea. And sa Curcurica, the best beach for children for its shallow waters that gently deepen as you swim away from the beach and behind which a thick pine grove offers shelter during the warmest ours. The wonderful Oasi di Bidderosa, Orosei’s most beautiful and famous beach, a protected natural park. And, finally, the Osalla beach, halfway to the Dorgali territory, famous for its waters that are perfect for diving (thanks to a famous “draught”). In addition, do not miss the occasion to take a boat and visit the coves of the forty kilometres of the gulf, paradises where nature is unblemished and wild: cale Fuili, Luna, Sisine, Biriola, Mariolu and Goloritzè.