An expanse of cream-coloured sand mixed with pebbles, surrounded by brown rocks and dominated by the promontory on which the medieval castle of Castelsardo stands. Marina di Castelsardo is situated along the Anglona seafront, at the entrance to the Castelsardo village, which is part of the club of the most beautiful villages in Italy. You will reach the beach by going down a flight of steps: it is in a setting in which the contrast between the deep blue of the sea, the light sand and the dark rocks creates a very evocative effect just outside the residential area.

The beach is not long but deep and decidedly attractive: the medium-grained sand is solid, the water is shallow and the seabed is sandy, making it suitable for children to play in. Two strips of rocky land protect the far ends of the beach, which is an ideal destination for scuba diving and snorkelling. In spite of its small size, being situated inside the village, there is parking and dining and refreshments services. Around it, there are accommodation facilities, restaurants, bars, shops and amenities.

The Castelsardo shoreline is largely formed by high cliffs of red trachyte, with a few expanses of sand, as well as the city beach. The largest is that in the district of Lu Bagnu – two and a half kilometres away – a sandy shore that also has cream-coloured, fine sand and a crystal clear seabed dotted with flat rocks. For windsurfing and sailing enthusiasts, a quick visit to the cliffs and beach of Punta La Capra, a little further to the west of Lu Bagnu, is a must. Back in the town, you will walk through steep, narrow lanes, with historical buildings overlooking them: standing out on the summit of the promontory is the castle of the Doria family, who founded the little town in 1102, now the home of the impressive Museum of Mediterranean Weaving. Not far away, there is the cathedral of Sant’Antonio Abate. While on holiday in Castelsardo, you can enjoy the sea, the history and artisan tradition.