The archaeological site is located in a granite area of the Buddusò tableland, in north-eastern Sardinia. Loelle is a mixed-type nuraghic complex, as it combines the elements typical of both corridor and corbelled nuraghi. It consists of a main keep surrounded by a three-tower curtain wall. Round the building is an extensive settlement of circular huts, while a short distance away there are two giants' tombs (communal burial chambers). The site is also thought to have had a well of which however no traces remain today.

From Nuoro take SS 389 in the direction of the industrial area of Prato Sardo. Cross SS 131 and continue on to Bitti without passing through any other inhabited centres. Drive through the village, continue along SS 389 in the direction of Buddusò and about 10 km from the village you will see the nuraghe clearly on the right-hand side of the road, about 50 m away.

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