The beach of Las Tronas is found in the commune of Alghero, Sardinia’s Catalan city par excellence. The beach of Las Tronas owes its name to the throne shape of two cylindrical rocks located on the coastal stretch. It is divided in two by the Art Nouveau style Hotel Villas Las Tronas which separates the bay from that of Las Tronas 2. The beach extends in a wide arc, which for a good part is framed by a little promontory coloured by the green of the bushes and trees. The sea, comprising chromatic shades ranging between blue and green, laps flat rocks that poke out every now and then from the water and strips of sand. The Bay of Las Tronas 2 is made up of flat rocks and a cement platform, built to increase the accessible area of this stretch of coast which is smaller than Las Tronas 1. As well as the beautiful green sea, that takes on a certain charm when it is moved by the wind since the spray creates suggestive effects with the rocks, the beach also has a number of inviting services.