The archaeological site is located on Monte Senes, overlooking the Cedrino river valley. It consists of a nuraghic sanctuary dedicated to the cult of the waters. The site includes two sacred enclosures, a temple and other buildings connected to the activities of the sanctuary. Several items have been recovered from the site, including pieces of pottery and the remains of bronze offerings dating from the recent Bronze Age to the early Iron Age (1200-800 BC).

From SS 131 at Nuoro take the direction Siniscola-Olbia until you reach the junction with SP 25 leading to Loculi and Irgoli. Leave Irgoli and drive in the direction of Capo Comino, SS 129. Shortly after leaving the village you will come to the ring road, take a left turn and follow the signs for the archaeological site of Janna 'e Pruna. Stay on this road for about 11/12 km, climbing the slope of Monte Senes until you come to the archaeological site about 10 m to the right of the road.