The environmental protection of these islets falls within the prerogatives of the Arcipelago di La Maddalena National Park. However, the two islets, along with a third called Le Camere, make a small archipelago of their own, which is part of the treasures of the Costa Smeralda. The island of Soffi is in front of the beach of Capriccioli, while the island of Mortorio, the largest of the group, lies in front of the Romazzino coastal road. Both are of granite origin. The first has a surface area of 40 hectares and the second of 60. And both are integral reserve areas, subject to maximum protection: they can be admired at a safe distance from their coasts, within an accessible marine belt and with the authorization of the park authority. In fact, they preserve uncontaminated ecosystems, enriched by marine fauna and rare species of birds that nest, especially on the coasts of Mortorio, such as the Corsican gull and peregrine falcon. In order to discover them, it is first necessary to ascertain the park authority's conservation rules.