The archaeological area is on the summit of a hill which gives a far-ranging view over the surrounding valleys, on the granite upland plain of Buddusò. The necropolis dates from 3200-2800 BC, and consists of some 16 rock-hewn tombs, with multi-cell configuration. Some of the chambers show architectural details recalling actual huts carved in the stone, and one has a round ritual hearth.

From Nuoro take SS 389 in the direction of the industrial area of Prato Sardo. Cross SS 131 and continue on to Bitti without passing through any other village. Drive through the town and then on to Pattada on SS 389 for about 1 km until you come to the turnoff leading to the hill of Iselle. climb to its summit and you will find the rock-cut necropolis and the nuraghe of the same name.

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