In a picturesque half-moon bay in the heart of the Emerald Coast, beloved by VIPs and paparazzi, lies one of the world’s most glamourous and exclusive beaches. Only a few kilometres from Porto Cervo, in the Arzachena territory, lies the placid Grande Pevero, named after the gulf of same name. This is an arched beach of white, soft sand, almost impalpable, approximately three hundred metres long, lapped by the changing colours of the sea, with hues that change, as in a game, from azure green to transparent on the shoreline. White smooth granite rocks and green vegetation line this beach, enclosing it into a symbolic embrace. Here you can breathe the scent of hundreds-old juniper trees. The sea is shallow and deepens gently, which makes this beach particularly suitable for children and less experienced swimmers. During relaxing walks, you can find shelter in little coves immediately adjacent to the beach.