It is located at the foot of the granitic Mount Linas, in a natural unspoilt park with varied nature, which also includes the limestone massif of Marganai, the plateau of Oridda and the lush forest of Montimannu. Gonnosfanadiga, a village with almost seven thousand inhabitants, is located in one of the most ancient areas of land in Europe (it emerged 300 million years ago): wild peaks, deep gorges and steep rock faces. In between the pink and grey peaks of the Linas massif, streaked by torrents and waterfalls, there are green holm oak forests, cork oak and yew forests and Mediterranean scrub, the habitat of rare species like the Sardinian deer and the golden eagle. A network of paths leads into the woods: you can enjoy trips on foot, by mountain bike and on horseback. Along with the mountainous landscape, there are rich mineral deposits, used since Antiquity, until the 1960s. The industrial architecture is still fascinating, including various abandoned mines, among which that of molybdenite in particular, situated in Perd'e Pibera, now a beautiful park.