The town sits at the feet of the Giara of Gesturi surrounded by fields of wheat, legumes and ageless olive groves that make for especially fine olive oil. Genuri is a rural village of just over 300 inhabitants located in the central part of the Marmilla some 60 kilometres from Cagliari. Its name comes from genna (door) and urus (bull). Man has been here since the Nuragic Age, as proven by the remains of various nuraghe, including the santu Marcu, near to the rural church dedicated to the same saint, a site where archaeologists also found a variety of ceramic fragments.

The houses are typical of the area, made with rough bricks at the top and stone rubble on the lower floors. The rooms look out over an inner courtyard with arches (sa lolla). Many well-known religious festivities are held here: for San Marco, San Dorino and in honour of Santa Maria del Monserrato sa Munzerrada, in early September when special breads and sweets are baked.

The town is cut through by the Saduru river that comes from the Giara di Gesturi, a vast basaltic and limestone high plain surrounded by steep rock faces and dotted with seasonal pools of water. The woods are comprised of oak, cork, holm oak, durmast, wild olives and Mediterranean brush. The area is famous for its wild and pristine beauty and for the rare fauna that inhabits it: Giara horses, for one, the only herd of small wild horses of its kind in Europe, whose origins remain something of a mystery.