From the mountains to the sea, with natural monuments, evidence of prehistoric times and a Pheonician-Punic, Roman and industrial archaeological legacy. Fluminimaggiore is a municipality with three thousand inhabitants stretching along the valley of the Rio Mannu river. The river flows through the village and sets the blades of the Zurru Licheri mill into motion. The windmill dates back to 1750 and is currently an ethnographic museum where you can learn about local culture and history. The current municipality was established in 1704 when Viscount Asquer authorised the rebuilding of the village of Flumini Major, which had been uninhabited for a century. In the 19th century, the agricultural hamlet was converted into a centre supporting extraction activities: you will visit a place that symbolises Sardinian mining history with about thirty sites around it, bearing witness to a sudden and ephemeral development. The ghost village of the mine of Malacalzetta stands out.