In the outskirts of Galtellì, on a lonely basalt spur, rises a distinctive 18th-century noble mansion which, despite subsequent alterations, has retained the aspect of a small castle complete with crenellated turret. The museum is housed on two floors of the palace. It reconstructs traditional living and working spaces: each room displays the tools and utensils that best represent the village of Galtellì, linked to the crafts and trades of a farming and pastoral community, donated by the community itself to preserve the memory of its folk heritage.

The display is arranged by themes and trades: thus we find the reconstruction of a sheep pen, of a winery, of a storeroom and of the weaving room which has some outstanding items of weaving art on the floor and walls. They include an ancient horizontal hand-loom from the 18th century, in juniper wood, a donkey-driven wheat grindstone, with basalt trough, which was in use up to the 1940s, a very ancient plough and a 19th-century grape pomace press, also made of wood.

The museum also has a fascinating collection of traditional children's toys. They include, among others, "sa metracula", a sound-producing object consisting of wooden panels with iron rings, which were used by the children during Holy Week to announce religious ceremonies, and small toy guns made from marsh reeds. This fascinating journey back in time continues on the second floor of the museum, with the perfectly reconstructed rooms of a landowner's home of the past, with period objects and furnishings. The home includes the ancient drawing room, "sa domo de retzire", the master bedroom, known as "domo de nettu", furnished with an ancient wooden bed and fine wooden bride chests and the kitchen, where the women would skilfully prepare the typical crisp bread: "pane carasatu". The visit is completed by an exhibition of traditional folk costumes, for both daily use and for high days and holidays, including men's, women's and children's clothing: the centrepiece is a traditional bridal dress from the early 20th century.

A guided tour of this museum is a fascinating journey into the past life of this community, where work tools and utensils, handicrafts and daily life objects conjure up the farming, pastoral and craft traditions of Galtellì.

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