Casa Murgia is located in Guspini, within the 'Domus Guspini' route, a tourist itinerary in the historic heart of the town, linking five buildings providing as many examples of the local tangible and intangible cultural heritage.

Each house is devoted to a specific theme: blacksmithing in Casa Agus, the production of wool, cheese, honey and nougat in the Case a Corte or courtyard houses, wheat and its products in the Garau Mill and, lastly, a multimedia time journey to learn something about local history in the MonteTempo (the former Grain Bank). But the route also touches on other places of interest, such as mitza di S.Maria, the churches of S.Maria di Malta and San Nicola di Mira, the ancient Antica Mascalcia, and the basalt pillars, a striking natural monument.
Casa Murgia is a courtyard home in the typical vernacular style of the Campidano region, to which a bunker was added by the owners during World War 2 and is still accessible.

Casa Murgia brings before our eyes the daily life of past times, including both shared and private moments. The exhibition on farm activities, in particular grape growing, wine making and olive oil making offers a rare glimpse of the old tools and equipment now supplanted by modern machinery.


Via Petrarca, 2 angolo Via Dante 09036 Guspini

Phone info point 070 973173 . cell. 389 1643692

Managing Agency: Municipality of Guspini.