This art collection consists of 66 graphic artworks: woodcuts, etchings, lithography and two fine oil paintings donated by Delitala to the Municipality of Orani on his one hundredth birthday.

The works on display include the portraits of the artists' mother and father and religious scenes, with dramatic scenic compositions, made more impressive by the variety of drawing styles.

The scenes of village and farm life, from the bomborombò folk dance to grape crushing, open as many windows onto the traditional lives of the Sardinian communities. The engravings 'Gente del 1908', 'Gente del 1918', 'Eroi', 'Gente del 1938-Aratori' portray specific moments in the lives of the mountain communities of the Barbagia area, governed by an archaic unwritten code of honour.

Mario Delitala's works belong to a vibrant period in the island's art, when Sardinian engravers were recognised nationwide both for their exquisite mastery of technique and for the dramatic, lyrical and poetic quality of their work.

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