The museum is located in the centre of Tortolì, on the ground floor of the former town market, a 19th century building, which in past times also served as a jail.

It is an unusual museum, with two sections: an indoor one for temporary exhibitions and an outdoor one, giving the museum its distinctive character, which spills into the streets of the small town and the surrounding countryside, creating an outdoor Contemporary Art Museum. ''Su logu de s'Iscultura'' was conceived in the late 1990s as a sculpture park project, and has attracted a number of international artists.

Along the route are displayed works by Mauro Staccioli, Antonio Levolella, Umberto Mariani, Maria Lai, Ascanio Renda, Pietro Coltella and Hitetoski Nagasawa.

Years after its launch, the outdoor museum offers visitors a new urban and environmental scenery, marked by large sculptures standing in inspiring counterpoint with the landscape and culture of Ogliastra. ''Su logu de s'Iscultura'' addresses the theme of urban and environmental sculpture, drawing on the most innovative methods and practices, and gradually forming a culture park, where tourists and townspeople alike can appreciate current trends in contemporary art.

The sculpture by Sassari-born artist Igino Panzino has been chosen as the symbol of ''Sa die de sa Sardigna'', a celebration of Sardinian identity held on 28 April each year across the island.

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