A sumptuous and harmonious superimposition of architectural styles, “and yet one would not want to take anything away from it”, as the writer Elio Vittorini said when he saw it. The basilica is named after St Nicholas of Bari, a cathedral since 1441, and is known as the Duomo. It is located in the old town centre, where the first nucleus of Sassari emerged. Gothic vaults, a baroque façade and classical décor are the result of reconstruction work, while its roots are ancient and humble, linked to the origins of the city. The first mention of the church is in the Condaghe of San Pietro di Silki dating back to 1135. It was built over an early Christian building, the remains of which can be seen beneath the apse. The first reconstruction took place in the 13th century in Romanesque style: still remaining is the bell tower, standing to the left of the temple, to which a turret with a small dome was added five centuries later.