“Ghosts of the ancient Barons came down from the Castle ruins above Galte”. This is how Grazia Deledda made the ruins of the castle of Pontes eternally famous, in the pages of her masterpiece ‘Canna al Vento’. Today, it is an integral part of the Grazia Deledda Literary Park, an itinerary that includes the places mentioned by the Nobel prize-winning writer. From the 11th century, the fortress, built on a hill at the foot of Mount Tuttavista, which dominates the plain of the Cedrino river, performed a strategic function in protecting the connections between the eastern coast and the hinterland. At that time, Galtellì was an important religious and political centre of the Gallura Giudicato and in the 14th century it was attacked and conquered by the Aragonese Crown.

The castle was inhabited until the 15th century before being abandoned: its last owner was Baron Guiso, around whom there are numerous legends: his ghost would roam the ruins at night, unlike his family, who were forced to wander the underground areas.