Giuseppe Garibaldi spent the last 26 years of his life in the splendid setting of Caprera, which represented a constant point of reference between one undertaking and another. In this peaceful place, surrounded by greenery and the colours of sea of the Maddalena Archipelago, he envisioned and prepared actions that marked the history of the Italian Risorgimento (Unification). A visit to the 'Casa Bianca' (White House), where the Hero of Two Worlds settled down after the death of his wife, Anita, and the abandonment of his children. You will be surprised by the contrast between the general's glorious past and the simple, rustic architecture of the dwelling. The frugality is disconcerting: white masonry walls, with a flat roof, similar to the dwellings that Garibaldi came across in Montevideo and in other places where fighting took place over the freedom of the South American people.

In the silence of the rooms, you will discover an unknown side of Garibaldi: the humanity of a father deeply attached to his children.Mementos, objects and portraits that tell the story of his daily life and of his loved ones. From one room to the next, you will retrace his heroic life. In the wardrobes: poncho, white cape and red shirt. In the showcases, there is the Aspromonte bullet, the lighter given to him by Antonio Meucci, and tricolour candles. In the room where he died, you will notice the solemn atmosphere, the pain that still lingers in the air, on the bed surrounded by a balustrade, on the wheelchair and the medicine cabinet, on the English clock that marks the time of his death (6:21 pm) - the end of an adventure that became a legend. The Compendio Garibaldino is one of most evocative historical and scenic places in Sardinia, a destination for cultural pilgrimages to which thousands of visitors flock every year from all over the world.

After the cultural visit, get ready for a swim in the splendid coves of Caprera, inside the MaddalenaNational Park: to the east you will find the fully protected area of Cala Coticcio, the 'Sardinian Tahiti' that can be reached along a trail or via sea. To the south-east, you can visit Cala Portese (or Cala dei Due Mari), the pride of the island, and the splendid Spiaggia del Relitto, with its fine, white sand and the skeleton of anancient ship on the shore. To the west, flat stretches of land dominate the landscape: don't miss out on the blue waters of Cala Napoletana, the wild nature of Cala Garibaldi and the stretch of light sand of Cala Serena.

Further information: Compendio Garibaldino in Caprera